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… will aid drivers of big rigs.

NEWARK, NJ—The E-Z Guider is a cab-operated side-lighting system for semi-trailers. The design intent of the E-Z Guider is to provide drivers with ample lighting when they are backing a trailer in a dark and narrow area and thereby reduce the incidence of property damage to trailer and other structures and potentially reducing the insurance premiums paid by truckers and trucking firms. The eight lights(four on each side) pivot up and down and each light is swivel mounted within the base.


The E-Z Guider was invented by Clint Y. and Ida M. of Newark, NJ. They said, “Professional drivers who generally move the bulk of our nation's freight are superb drivers but can always use help when backing trailers down dark alleys, tunnels, garages and similar tight passages. The E-Z Guider illuminates these passages sufficiently to be seen easily in the rear-view mirrors and thus helps avoid errant steering of the trailer and inadvertent sideswiping collisions with walls, fences and/or other structures or objects. When not in use, the E-Z Guider lights are covered and protected.”


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