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… provides a simple and convenient shield from rain and sun.

BRONX, NY—The Wheelchair Visor is a protective, accordion pleated dome awning specially designed for use with wheelchairs. The durable hood or umbrella-like awning provides sufficient protection against the damaging rays of the sun, as well as unexpected downpours of rain, in a hands-free manner. As a result, users will be able to comfortably operate their chairs without the hassle of trying to manage an umbrella at the same time. Also, the Wheelchair Visor can be made to accommodate both manual and power wheelchairs of virtually any size.


  The Wheelchair Visor was invented by Cora B. of Bronx, NY. She said “With the Wheelchair Visor, wheelchair users are able to enjoy the refreshing outdoors, without any worry about weather conditions. Whether enjoying a day of shopping, watching a spirited sports competition, or simply navigating one's neighborhood, users will be able to optimize their mobility with confidence.”


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