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...holds loose hair for clippers and beard trimmers.

CHICAGO, IL—If you have ever suffered all day long after getting a haircut or trim because there is loose hair down your back, then you will want your stylist to use Anna’s Hair Catcher Set. Additionally, if you do your own trimming – whether a beard or hair – this device means less clean up mess. Anna’s Hair Catcher Set is a set of contoured plastic receptacles designed to be easily secured to the base of electric hair clippers or a beard trimmer. The receptacle will “catch” loose hair when it is cut or trimmed. Each piece in the set is clearly labeled in accordance with the size of blade guard on which it will be attached.


Anna’s Hair Catcher Set was invented by Shahid C. of Chicago, IL. He said, “I have a prototype of this device and it works perfectly. It catches the hair being cut or trimmed so there is less mess on the person’s neck, back, clothing, floor, counter or sink. It means less cleanup time and whether one is doing their own hair or beard or is a professional stylist Anna’s Hair Catcher Set is the answer. No more hair down an individuals back which causes discomfort; that is often a major concern among stylists. The hair goes directly into Anna’s Hair Catcher Set and keeps one’s booth clean and neat.”


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