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… eases up and down when working the 'lift'.

FALLBROOK, CA—Working alone is often an ideal situation—but, when one has to handle heavy appliances working 'alone' does not always work out as idealized in one's mental picture. The Water Heater Lifter is a case in point. It is a specialized hand truck or dolly designed for use in lifting, removing, transporting and installing water heaters up to 100 gallon capacity. The Water Heater Lifter enables a single individual to easily pick up, move, properly position and set down a water heater through the mechanical assistance afforded by the lifter.


The Water Heater Lifter was invented by Hilario M. of Fallbrook, CA. He said, “Plumbing contractors will quickly see the benefit of the Water Heater Lifter. It is a tool of uncommon utility and the benefit is totally toward those in the plumbing industry. Without the Water Heater Lifter moving and lifting a hot water heat in order to insert a Smitty Pan beneath it is almost impossible and requires additional one, two or even three strong men. The mechanical lifting base of this device enables a single plumber to easily lift, move,and lower a hot water heat into place...even up to a one-hundred gallon capacity hot water heater.”


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