PILING POTS 8" & 10"

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Bayville, NJ—The invention of the Piling Pots 8” & 10” offers a creative concept for a line of specially designed flower pots that are carefully configured to be easily mounted atop a waterfront piling. The Piling Pots would provide an attractive accent to the tops of the pilings, while acting as a deterrent to birds perching on the piling and sullying the area with droppings.


The Piling Pots 8” & 10” were invented by Robert I. of Bayville, New Jersey, who states, “This invention is designed to add a more natural alternative to traditional bird spikes on piling tops, providing an attractive solution to an unattractive problem! The Piling Pots provide a variety of ideas for planting, from herbs to ornamental grasses to special seasonal displays.”


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