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BRONX, NY—Keeping the baby warm while pushing him or her in a stroller can be a perplexing problem. The new Heated Baby Stroller offers a solution. It is a specially designed infant-to-toddler sized stroller boasting integrated heating elements incorporated into the design of the seat that warms the seat and back rest area to a comforting warm temperature. The intent of the Heated Baby Stroller was to provide a practical way for a child to stay nice and warm when seated within the stroller during cold and windy weather. An on/off switch on the handle operates the heating coils which are fueled by a rechargeable battery. When activated the heating coils quickly bring the interior up to a comfortable warm level.


The Heated Baby Stroller was invented by Don M. of Bronx, NY. He said, “Those living in cold winter climates and who own a vehicle with heated car seats will quickly see the benefit for a child inside the Heated Baby Stroller. Warm comfort are the first two words which come to mind. Parents cannot always find a sitter when the need arises to go outside in cold weather but this stroller enables them to have their child outside but still able to stay warm within the confines of the stroller.”


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