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... blocks glare.

CYPRESS, CA—The invention of the Self Tinting Glass offers a creative concept for a window tint that is specially manufactured in roll form, and designed to be adhered to a variety of window surfaces. This unique product, manufactured of the same material that is used in transitional eyeglass lenses, provides a window covering that darkens when exposed to bright light. The Self Tinting Glass immediately blocks the harmful glare of the sun in autos, as well as in homes and businesses.


The Self Tinting Glass was invented by Gregory P. of Cypress, CA, who states, “This invention is designed to efficiently block sunlight from entering the windows of vehicles, eliminating the danger that is created when a blinding glare hinders a driver’s vision. Also ideal for use in homes or commercial buildings, the Self Tinting Glass increases safety and makes for a much more pleasant and comfortable environment.”


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