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… keeps clothing from falling on the floor when opening a dryer or washer.

ETTERS, PA—The Sock Stopper, a stretch fabric sleeve or “hammock”, fastens by suction-cups to the lower door and body of a front-load washer or dryer, such that when the door is opened, the fabric extends to form a sling or hammock. This hammock effectively catches socks, underwear, and other small articles in the laundry, keeping them from falling onto the floor. Easily affordable and time-saving, the convenient Sock Stopper should find a wide and enthusiastic market among America’s households, commercial laundering establishments, commercial operations such as hotels, motels, and health-care facilities — basically, among any consumer or group who uses a front-loading washer or dryer.


    The patent pending Sock Stopper was invented by Melvin F. of Etters, PA. He said, “ The Sock Stopper prevents laundry — wet or dry — from becoming soiled and picking up germs. The Sock Stopper also spares the user having to bend all the way to the floor to retrieve any fallen laundry—a benefit greatly appreciated by the elderly or those with limited mobility.”


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