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… frees angler's hands to eat, drink, etc.

HEREFORD, PA—Attention Fishermen! The perfect cradle for your fishing rod is here. The Fishing Rod Prop is fabricated of stainless steel or aluminum, the top of which is fashioned into a cradle that securely supports a fishing rod when the spike shaped end has been thrust into the sand of a beach or the soil of a lakeshore or riverbank. The design intent is to provide a secure cradle upon which the fishing rod can rest freeing the angler's hands until the moment a fish strikes the bait and it allows the angler to quickly go into action. The top of the cradle may be treated with a glow in the dark material for those anglers who prefer night fishing.


The Patent Pending Fishing Rod Prop was invented by Ronald B. of Hereford, PA. He said, “My prototype works exceptionally well. You can choose from a variety of lengths—those who want to sit in a beach chair and access their rod easily without standing up can choose a lower Prop. Some anglers might prefer a longer Prop to keep the rod more upright when at rest. When thrust into the ground the Fishing Rod Prop it provides a secure rest for the fishing one and automatically holds the rod in a tip-up diagonal stance. It lets me quickly retrieve the rod when there that big one strikes.”


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