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… showcases via video items on the menu.

MOUNT VERNON, NY—The Digital Hospitality Menu is a specially designed restaurant menu featuring interactive digital video that showcases pictures of each menu item, along with convenient language selections. The design intent of the Digital Hospitality Menu is to provide restaurant patrons with a unique new way in which to choose their meals—while also helping them to be better informed about their selections and the items they have ordered. The hardware device contains digital photos of each menu item as well as the capability to translate the menu into a variety of languages. It is a rectangular product similar in appearance to a tablet and is watertight/waterproof . Wirelessly operated ,it can be pre-programmed with a particular establishment's entire menu offerings along with full-color photographs of each item on the mean. These images can also be accompanied by a list of ingredients and nutritional information.


The Patent Pending Digital Hospitality Menu was invented by Leon G. of Mount Vernon of Mount Vernon, NY, who said,“Sure food is food, but a photograph of a particular menu item can make the difference between ordering it or being content with the more familiar items available. The Digital Hospitality Menu presents an exact image and description of possible menu choices. The fact that one might be in a country where the language-written and spoken-seem alien to the restaurant patron. This device ensures that all customers can read the options available no matter where they may be when selecting a dinner item.”


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