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… keeps information in your laptop secure except to you, the laptop owner!

YONKERS, NY—Uniquely designed as a security tool, the Laptop Handprint is comprised of a three-part locking system for laptop computers. The design intent is to provide users with a simple means of securing their laptops, as well as information contained the device, thus preventing access by thieves or unauthorized users. A hand print, 4-digit PIN code and electronic safety lock prevents it from being used by anyone other than the owner or an authorized user.


The Patent Pending Laptop Handprint was invented by Jacqueline R. of Yonkers, NY who said,“In today's world what is contained in or on our computer is personal and not to be broadcast to anyone other than the designated addressee. This means the security of our devices is vitally important and the Laptop Handprint performs the job of security far better than anything else currently in the marketplace. It is a practical way to protect data from unauthorized users. It works!”


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